Get to Know the Latest Green Technology Vehicles

Fuel-efficient cars have come a long way since the first Prius made its debut on the market. Now, with the combined benefits of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, these sustainable vehicles are designed to have a better fuel economy and produce less emissions. As a result, electric cars are making an impact — and residential car sharing is gaining speed in urban areas especially where, as most New Yorkers know, gas stations are sparse. So if you’re interested in minimizing your eco-footprint as well as your transit expenses, traveling with a hybrid vehicle may be your best option. Still need more convincing? Let’s take a look at the industry.

Green car features

  • Regenerative braking is a feature that works by harnessing energy, that would otherwise be lost, when drivers brake or coast. The generated electricity helps slow vehicles by using the forward motion of the wheels to turn the electric motor.
  • In addition, some hybrid engines automatically shut off when drivers stop the vehicles to reduce wasted energy from idling, and then restarts when drivers accelerate.

Gas mileage, fuel efficiency, and performance

  • green-carYour fuel efficiency depends on your vehicle type. There are electric-only models also known as EVs, plug-in hybrids or PHEVs with gas and electric engines along with battery packs, and hybrids that use regenerative energy aka HEVs. Those operating light-duty cars in electric mode can reach fuel efficiency rates of more than 100 miles per gallon.
  • The sporty new Tesla Model 3 has a range of about 200 miles, and you can even go over 600 miles just on one charge and a full gas tank in the 2017 hybrid Toyota Prius.
  • Top speeds in EVs and PHEVs are comparable to gas powered cars in similar models and styles, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. However, one difference between hybrids and electric cars is the pickup: electric motors offer instant torque that makes for fast, smooth acceleration.

Black Electric Car Charging: Close-up Of Indistinguishable ElectCharging stations

  • One big concern for EV and PHEV owners is recharging away from home. Plugging a vehicle in overnight is the best way to recharge, but the amount of time it takes varies depending on the vehicle and power source voltage. Luckily, there’s Charge Hub, a mobile app and website that helps owners locate charging stations around the country.

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By: FCS Team

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