Advantages of an Experienced Chauffeur

Chauffeur Driving A CarThe professionals at FCS provide more than a black car service. They also provide peace of mind as passengers know the chauffeurs have gone through rigorous training and have been chosen based on their professionalism and knowledge. At FCS, we want all clients to have comfortable and safe experiences — and we provide high-quality chauffeurs to ensure this happens each and every time.

Chauffeur training

Each chauffeur goes through an in-depth training. Our training sessions address knowledge of the streets and roads in the Tri-State area, driving safety, proper etiquette, and professionalism. The experts at FCS want all clients to rest assured while being driven, knowing that all our chauffeurs have been through the same program for a consistent level of expertise and competency.


Client safety is a top priority for FCS chauffeurs. It’s important that every person feels confident in her or his chauffeur’s abilities and the working condition of the car. Every vehicle in our fleet of 375 goes through a quarterly inspection to ensure safety and comfort, and we require our chauffeurs to carry a certain level of insurance. As an added safety net, FCS provides an additional $1 million insurance policy that covers our passengers over and above chauffeurs’ policies.

Professional service

Uniform HatCelebrities, corporate executives, sales managers, and business professionals from many industries utilize FCS services and have come to appreciate and expect high-quality service and professionalism from our chauffeurs.

With FCS, our clients receive more than just rides from place to place. Our chauffeurs are dressed in business attire, have knowledge of the best and fastest routes to your destinations, and provide enjoyable riding experiences.

When you reserve a ride through FCS, you can relax, knowing a knowledgeable and trained chauffeur who has been carefully vetted and screened will drive you to your destination. Your comfort and safety are of utmost importance for every chauffeur.

Don’t rely on taxis or ride-share services with free apps to earn your business and handle your most valued assets — your executives, employees, and yourself. Call FCS today to discuss your corporate transportation needs and let the expert staff arrange for an experienced chauffeur to get you and your clients to your destinations safely. For service in the NY-NJ-CT Tri-State area, call 212-972-2222 or 1-800-4RETURN (800-473-8876).