New TLC Safety Laws Address Driver Fatigue

Exhausted Driver YawningThe New York City Taxicab and Limousine Commission (TLC) is encouraging drivers to put down their coffee and get some rest with recent legislation combatting driver fatigue.

Consistent with Mayor De Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative, the TLC is limiting drivers to 10 hours on the road over a 24-hour period and 60 hours within a week. The goal: Increase driver alertness and traffic safety.

In addition to this new safety law, the TLC has made a couple important changes to accommodate industry concerns. Here are the new rules:

  • The clock starts once the client is in the vehicle. Time spent parked, waiting for a job or looking for passengers will not be documented.
  • An exact drop-off location is no longer required, just a nearby intersection.
  • Exemptions will be offered to those who exceed the 10-hour limit if the final trip of the day begins before the 10 hours has been reached in a 24-hour period. The same will apply for the final trip of the week: For example, if a driver completes 59 hours and books a single trip that pushes her or him over the 60-hour limit, she or he will not be penalized.
  • Warnings will be provided before tickets are issued, however, this is not guaranteed.

According to the TLC, the driver fatigue rule won’t go into effect for at least another five months. When the enforcement does begin, the TLC will review submitted trip records on a monthly basis to calculate drivers’ hours for a given day or week. Moreover, drivers who accept dispatches from multiple bases will have their hours combined to determine total number of driving hours. Bases will only be responsible for trips they dispatch — not dispatches their affiliated drivers accept through other bases or ride-hailing companies. Additionally, the TLC will perform outreach regarding these new rules and educate members on fatigued driving.

FCS intends to abide by the TLC’s ruling to ensure safe and satisfactory travels. Read up on the finalized TLC legislation.

By: FCS Team