What to Look for in Your Chauffeur

Professional chauffeur standing next to his stretch limousine.When hiring a chauffeur to transport your executives and clients, there are a few basic—yet essential—things to look for. Perhaps the obvious starting point is to make sure that your chauffeur has the mandated commercial permits and adequate insurance. In addition, you should complete a thorough background check, check the driver’s references or hire through referral. Lastly, once you have covered these basics in your hiring checklist, remember to keep the following tips in mind to ensure positive passenger experiences.

Professional demeanor

Having someone who cares about his or her appearance and is conscious of the comfort and safety of passengers is important when hiring a chauffeur.

You want a driver who:

  • dresses professionally;
  • keeps the car clean;
  • treats passengers courteously by opening their doors, asking about their comfort levels, and being conscientious about them having positive experiences;
  • asks passengers if they would like return rides; and
  • drops passengers off outside their doors—and not down the street.


drivingA competent and safe chauffeur is important when you are relying on him or her to transport your clients and executives. Ask potential chauffeurs open-ended questions to get a good feel for each person’s background and experience. To assure you are hiring someone professional and safe, here are some important points to include in your interviews:

  • Have each potential chauffeur tell you about his or her driving history, including traffic violations, suspensions, and accident details from the past three to five years.
  • Ask for stories about situations in which they avoided accidents. This can give you insights into their skill sets.
  • Have them share what they have done recently to improve their driving skills.


Man Fastening Seat Belt In Car

  • Obtain copies of potential chauffeurs’ records.
  • Find out if they’ve been drug tested recently.
  • Do these drivers keep their eyes on the road rather than fighting with devices—including the radio or texting—while driving?
  • References can also help provide insight as to whether the chauffeurs that you are interviewing get clients to their locations efficiently, safely, and on time.

Finding the right chauffeur is important, which is why you should consider testing a few drivers out before you make the final hire.

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By: FCS Team

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