Control Quality Through Car Inspections

Auto inspectionsYou expect a memorable car service experience, especially if you’re in charge of transporting important clients and executives. You want to be confident they have a comfortable and relaxed experience every single time. First Corporate Sedans Inc. (FCS™) professionals inspect every car in their fleet quarterly because they value all their clients.

Service consistency

FCS inspects all vehicles to keep them in excellent condition and provide quality experiences for all passengers. Clients can count on riding in clean, well-running vehicles every time they use the service.

What goes into an inspection?

Clean CarsFCS does a thorough interior and exterior inspection of each vehicle for safety, appearance, and comfort every quarter. During inspection, they check to make sure that

  • the mandated paperwork and stickers are current;
  • the overall interior is clean, odor-free, and looking great;
  • the air conditioner, radio, and interior lights are in working order;
  • the exterior lights and mirrors are functional;
  • the bodywork is in excellent condition;
  • the trunk is empty and free of debris; and
  • the ride is quiet and comfortable.

Security in a safe and clean car

Getting passengers safely to and from their destinations is of utmost importance to FCS’ chauffeurs. When they drive clean, fully functioning cars to pick up clients, passengers can relax, knowing they’re going to get where they need to be when they need to be there. The inspections allow FCS professional chauffeurs to maintain the high quality and comfort clients expect.

At FCS, we take pride in the fact that every vehicle in our fleet has been through a complete inspection. When your next transportation need arises, call the experts at FCS to make arrangements and relax, knowing that a safe, reliable car will take you where you need to go. For service in the NY-NJ-CT Tri-state area, call 212-972-2222 or 1-800-4RETURN (800-473-8876).